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World Oceans Day 🩵 泳裝防磨衣 10% off

W3 限定 🪩 指定款式 75 折

About TIMU

nature x art x fashion
TIMU is a sportswear brand founded by a Taiwanese girl who loves free diving.
In order to increase the selection performance of water clothing in Taiwan and improve the quality of design, we decided to create our own brand, design, research and development, and participate in the process of all material selection and production. This all started with a love for the sea.

Taiwan is a country with rich and beautiful natural landscapes. We sincerely hope that everyone can go outdoors more often, go to the sea to see and care about our natural environment, and then enjoy every journey with the heart and enjoy the art of nature, the its beauty ...
Because you are also a unique work of art in the landscape.