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Summer Pre-offer 2件85折 🎁

Return Policy

  ⚠️ Please read the contents of this article carefully before purchasing. The establishment of the order is deemed that the orderer understands and agrees to the following return and exchange regulations.⚠️  


Bikinis are personal clothing and cannot be returned once they are sold
❝   In accordance with the "Guidelines for Reasonable Exceptions to the Right to Terminate Communication Transactions" stipulated in Paragraph 2 of Article 19 of the "Consumer Protection Law", the opened personal hygiene products are based on the principle of hygiene, and no seven-day waiting period will be provided  

- Since bikinis are close-fitting personal clothing, once the package is opened after sale, it cannot be returned. The demand for 「one-time replacement size」 is acceptable, but replacement styles are not accepted.

- If you need to change the size, please contact customer service within seven days of receiving the product, and return the product in its entirety, and attach the logistics fee of 80 yuan for the replacement size (need to be packaged and not exposed), and fill in the elevator card clearly Exchange information on .

- Swimwear products only have 「exchange」and no 「return」service. Please submit a replacement application with the customer service within seven days of receipt of the product (including holidays from the date of receipt of the product), overdue applications will not be processed.

- No return or exchange service will be provided for discounted products with non-original price such as zero-size, out-of-print products, lucky bags, and additional purchases. Please purchase at your own discretion.

Pre-ordered products are exclusive to order and cannot be cancelled once the order is placed
❝  For personal customized products, merchants have the right not to accept returns or exchanges in accordance with the "Applicable Guidelines for Reasonable Exceptions to the Right to Terminate Communication Transactions" announced by the law, Executive Yuan.   

- Pre-ordered products are customer-ordered products made according to customer needs. After the order is completed, it will enter the production process, temporary cancellation of the order cannot be accepted.

- Urgent or inconvenient to wait for the pre-order, it is recommended to choose the goods in stock, and those who cancel the order due to personal factors will be blacklisted.

- All non-out-of-print products enjoy the service of 「one-time reasonable size replacement」, but if the size you want to replace is out of stock, or you need to re-order it for you, you will need to wait for another production time, so please make sure before buying, confirm the size before placing an order, so won't cause your long delay.

- The difference between pre-ordered products and on the spot products is ... it is specially made for you, so the time or money cost is much worse than mass-produced products, and it is difficult to control the delivery time accurately, but if it is completed in advance, it will be sent out in advance, so I hope you really like our products and are willing to wait to place an order, so won't cause your unpleasant shopping.

Returnable items
- Silver accessories, diving equipment, and non-swimsuit peripherals have a seven-day appreciation period to apply for return and exchange under the premise of maintaining the integrity of the product.
- Zero size or out-of-print items will not be returned or exchanged after they are sold.

【A condition of a return that cannot be processed
* The tag has been cut, the product has been damaged (cracked/stained/odor), and the product has been watered or washed.
* Make-up or smudges when trying on the item.
* Swimwear is a personal hygiene item and cannot be returned or exchanged.
* It takes more than 7 days to make an exchange request after receiving the goods.
* When receiving the replacement product, TIMU will confirm the condition of the product. If any of the above conditions occur, the buyer will not be able to return it.
*Fortune bags, clearing, additional purchases, and other non-original price specials are not available for return and exchange services.

Arbitrary abandonment definition
- ATM payment: After the order is established, if the order is cancelled due to overdue payment more than three times, it will be blacklisted (the credit card payment system operation failure is not limited).
- Abandoning pre-orders or unreceived orders due to promotions.
- The package is returned: delayed pick-up or caused the package to be returned, more than three times, will be blacklisted.
- The pre-order item is still in the pre-order waiting period, but it is requested to cancel the order.

❖ Precautions
- Except for defective products, all returns will be refunded with shopping credit.
- Shopping credit cannot be refunded after order cancellation/return due to personal factors.
- The same order can only be returned and exchanged once, please use this benefit carefully.
- If there is a gift when purchasing the product, please send it back together. If the gift fee is not received, the refund will be deducted from the original price of the gift and converted into shopping money.
- Shipping costs for returns are borne by the buyer, except for defective items.
- If the consumption condition does not meet the free shipping threshold due to the return, the shipping fee will be deducted from the refund.
- The bank remittance fee of $15 incurred during the transfer shall be borne by the buyer, and the transaction fee can be waived for the Cathay Pacific Bank account.

❮ Condition 1: There is unpacked package, apply for a return ❯
[Return process]: Within 7 days of receiving the goods, private message customer service to submit a return application (please provide the order number/name/phone) >> Confirm whether the goods can be exchanged or returned >> Notify the buyer to send the goods back (the freight will be incurred by the purchaser Home bear) >> 10~15 working days after receiving the goods, the refund will be converted into shopping money.
⚠️If the free shipping discount is not reached after the return, the payment amount will be deducted from the shipping fee and will be refunded to the shopping credit.

❮  Condition 2: Want to cancel an order that has not been received due to promotions ❯
[Return process]: Private message customer service to submit a return application (please provide the order number/name/phone) >> Confirm whether the item can be exchanged or returned >> 1~15 working days to convert the refund into shopping money.
⚠️If you cancel the order due to any personal factors, the shopping credit used in the original order will not be returned. After the actuarial calculation, it may not be more cost-effective than the new order. Please spend rationally.

❮ Condition 3: Personal factor return ❯
[Return process]: Once the intimate clothing is tried on and unpacked, the seven-day appreciation period is not applicable, and there is no return service.
⚠️Please read the product webpage carefully before consuming, consult online customer service, and make a careful evaluation before consuming.

❮  Condition 4: My product is defective / wrong product ❯
[Definition of Defects]: If the product has obvious damage, obvious damage, or large-scale dirt, please take a photo and contact customer service immediately.
[Definition of non-defects]: fabric taste, small thread ends, ultra-small stains, uneven patterns of printed goods, color difference, due to different fabric elasticity and measurement methods, the error of 1-3cm is within the normal range.