雖然這個活動已經行之有年,但相信還是有很多人對於同遊的印象只有「爭取同性平權」,但其實這場遊行並不只是這樣,為了想簡單讓大家能快速了解台灣同志遊行的來龍去脈,TIMU特別在此次遊行前製作了這份同志遊行懶人包 介紹,讓更多人認識同志遊行都在做什麼? 


不論異同只要你/妳也認同台灣同志遊行 這樣呼籲平等的愛與尊重的理念,都歡迎一起響應分享給身邊更多朋友!👐🏽
理解,就是尊重的第一步 更多人的理解,就是讓愛能繼續走向未來的每一步
▎🌈友善日常 in Taiwan:男款泳褲,限時9折!(10/31前) 

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"🏳️‍🌈Taiwan is the light of Asia for gender equality!"
In 2021, Taiwan will be the No. 1 country in Asia for gender equality. Its performance has improved by three places compared to last year, and it will be No. 6 in the world. (The first place is Switzerland, the second place is Denmark, and the place after Taiwan is South Korea, Singapore, Japan...)
Every year on the last Saturday of October, gay groups and social activists from all over the country and around the world come to Taiwan to participate in this event. It has also become one of the characteristics of Taiwan. On this day, tens of thousands of people will dress up for themselves , showing the most unique appearance, and took to the streets with many like-minded friends to have a Party!

With colorful and dazzling appearances and wonderful performances, the power of condensing love arouses the public's attention to their demands, exposes hidden problems, and pays attention to unseen needs, thereby establishing a more inclusive society and value.

However, due to the epidemic this year, the parade cannot be held on the streets with 10,000 people as usual. Instead, it will be conducted online and on the street. However, this change will not only allow participants to break geographical restrictions, but also allow more Men, women and children can participate in the video at home together!

Although this event has been going on for many years, We believe that many people still have the impression of "fighting for equal rights for the same sex". But in fact, this parade is not just like this. In order to make it simple for everyone to quickly understand the ins and outs of Taiwan's gay parade , TIMU specially produced this introduction to the gay parade bag before the parade, so that more people can know what the gay parade is doing?

I hope to contribute a little to Taiwan's affirmative action, and look forward to more people participating in this grand carnival that makes Taiwan proud of Asia!

Regardless of the similarities or differences, as long as you/you also agree with the concept of the Taiwan Gay Parade that calls for equal love and respect, you are welcome to respond and share with more friends around you! 👐🏽
Let more people know what the gay parade is doing?
Understanding is the first step to respect More people's understanding is every step that allows love to continue to the future
▎🌈Friendly Everyday in Taiwan: 10% off for men's swimming trunks for a limited time! (before 10/31)

Source: Wikipedia, GQ, Taiwan Rainbow Citizen Action Association, China Central News Agency
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