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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

▏ Frequently Asked Questions 


Q1. Can orders be combined?
A: If you accidentally order multiple orders, you can contact the customer service staff to assist in merging the orders before the delivery is executed. If the combined volume does not meet the logistics regulations, we will assist in combining the shipment with the minimum number of packages. Please give the order number together. For inquiries/replies, orders cannot be merged if shipments have already been performed.

Q2. If the purchased product is in stock and pre-ordered, how will it be shipped?
A: We will wait for the pre-ordered items to arrive before they are shipped together. If the buyer wants to get the stock first, please order the items separately (one order for pre-ordered goods & one order for spot goods).

Q3. Can I cancel the order?
A: You can contact the customer service staff for assistance before shipping, but you cannot cancel the order if it has been shipped, and you cannot cancel the order if the pre-ordered product has entered the production stage.
⚠️Canceling the order and using the shopping credit will not be refunded!

Q4. Can the order be added to the order?
A: You can contact the customer service staff to inform you of the products you want to add before the shipment has been executed. If you have already executed the shipment, you cannot add the products and you need to place an order.

Q5. Can the selected supermarket store be changed?
A: Before the order is shipped, you can contact the customer service staff to change the pickup store in the following three ways, but you cannot change the pickup store for an order that has already been shipped.
* Contact information 1 - In the system notification letter in the mailbox, you can click "Seller and Customer Order Communication" at the bottom of "Order Link" to contact.
*Contact 2- Go to the official website to log in as a member, My Account > Order > View, and pull to the bottom of the "Seller and Customer Order Communication" to contact.
* Contact 3 - Private message LINE official account.

Q6. Do I have to be in person when the supermarket is purely picking up the goods? What if the supermarket is picking up the goods and paying for it?
A: It is recommended to pick up the goods in person. When picking up the goods, be sure to bring and present the identity documents (such as ID cards, health insurance cards, and driver's licenses) with the same name as the package. However, when picking up goods in supermarkets, you generally do not look at the documents. It is also less compulsory to ask for the person when the goods are delivered, but it is necessary to clearly know the name and amount of the person picking up the goods.

Q7. How will I be notified when the over-collected package is delivered to the store?
A: In addition to the mail notification sent by the system on the day of delivery, a pickup notification SMS will be sent after the package arrives at the store (however, if you use the service of the telecommunications company that refuses to receive business advertisement SMS or if you have not turned on the phone for a long time, you may not be able to receive the notification SMS) .

Q8. What should I do if I forget to pick up the package after overtaking it?
A: If you do not pick up the goods within 7 days after the arrival of the goods, the goods will be returned to the original sender's store, and the sender will be notified to retrieve them. , we will ship again.
※ If you don't receive it once and don't notify the resend, it will be blacklisted. This site will no longer provide you with services.